Barber Side Secret Sauce Hair Cream

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Secret Sauce Hair Cream

Struggling with frizzy, super curly or damaged hair, or maybe even dry scalp? Barber Side has a little secret that will give your hairstyle a nourishing hold that lasts all day and will keep your scalp healthy and your hair beautiful—Secret Sauce Hair Lotion!

Secret Sauce is a superior styling lotion, an intensive hair treatment, and an exfoliating scalp conditioner, all packed into one bottle!

Secret Sauce is a mix of clean and natural oils, including lanolin which contains esters that seal moisture into each strand of hair in addition to protecting your scalp. For you, this means softer, more lustrous, more manageable hair, and less likelihood of seeing those annoying dry-scalp flecks on your clothes.

Just apply Secret Sauce Hair Lotion to damp hair, style and go! Secret Sauce mild hold lasts all day and washes out with one wash and rinse. With an alluring vanilla scent that is sure to attract all the right kinds of attention, you may decide to keep Secret Sauce Hair Lotion your own little secret…

Gentle and safe, Secret Sauce is great for all types of hair and excellent for ethnic hair treatment and styles. Plus, it comes in two handy sizes, 8 oz and 32 oz!