Gabel's Dip' n Clip with Oil

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  • Gabel's Dip N Clip with oil, Lubricating / Cleaning Solution for Clippers & Scissors, Gallon, by Gabel's Factory Direct
  • Professionals: Use Dip N Clip flushes out the accumulation of hair clippings, wax, lacquers, hair sprays, dirt, and cake deposit between your clipper plates in one operation. Submerge clipper plates in Dip-N-Clip while running or hold clipper over a washbasin and squeeze solution through the spout, over and through the clipper blades while running to lubricate and clean. Wipe with a clean linen or neck strip. May also use on scissors or metal surface.
  • Cruelty Free. Dye Free. Made in USA.
  • Prevention & Maintenance.
  • DIP N Clip is Gabel's Trademark product of Lubricant for Barber tools. First use in commerce in 1967. Serving Professionals since 1932.