Suavecito Shave Brush

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Suavecito Shave Brush is designed to give you a comfortable shaving experience, no matter what kind of shaver you are. The silver-tipped badger hair is firm enough to lift your hair for the closest shave, but soft enough to feel great on the skin. Whip up a rich lather and get your best shave ever with this premium brush.

Directions: Whip up a rich lather in a mug or bowl. Brush onto face in a circular motion. Shave. Rinse with cold water and drip dry upside down.

  • High quality badger hair
  • Ensures a smooth and comfortable shave every time
  • Resin handle is made to withstand the toughest shaves
  • Only from Suavecito Premium Blends
  • 20 mm