Twist It Up Comb

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- You want to twist with pressure.

- Use pomades, butters, or oils if your hair is medium or high coarse.

- Use holding gels/waxes or holding sprays if your hair is mixed or soft. Recommend RedOne Gel wax

- Find your curl pattern, clockwise, counterclockwise or maybe both!


- STAY AWAY FROM WATER. If your hair is too wet, the comb will NOT be able to grab your hair.

- Hair mousse, creams & leave-in conditioners soften the hair & application of these products are recommended after your hair is twisted NOT before.


Every hair texture is different and has its' own unique process. A high quality product that was cleanable, portable and SAVED consumers' money. Thank you for your business. Twist It Up Comb, "Embrace Your Natural Twist!"